ACARD AEC-7900 IDE-to-SATA Bridge

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ACARD AEC-7900 IDE-to-SATA Bridge

ACARD Technology Corp., a well-known manufacturer in the field of RAID Controller, launched SATA-to-IDE Converter AEC-7900A to provide a solution for PC in the grade of SATA. AEC-7900A can support the newest Intel ICH6.
Based on many years of experience in storage chip design, ACARD produced AEC-7900A in the dawn of the SATA age. At that time AEC-7900A was the world?s first converter supporting HDD and ATAPI devices. Now it can support Intel ICH6. The new compatibility has brought fame and made the converter so popular.
Most SATA-to-IDE converters or external enclosures on the market use inexpensive chips, therefore they cannot fit the new Intel P4 motherboard, or support ATAPI devices. But AEC-7900A is different. It has kept the best compatibility, is good for upgrade, and lets consumers highly guaranteed.
AEC-7900A adopts the full hardware operation mode. Through ACARD SATA Bridge chip and SOC (System-On-Chip) design of data change, AEC-7900A can use the least CPU resources to optimize the overall computer operation. Moreover, after connecting AEC-7900A to an IDE device, the IDE device can be regarded as a whole SATA one, and has the newly added function of hot swap. Obviously, the compatibility between AEC-7900A and storage devices is quite good. AEC-7900A, besides PC, is also suitable for SATA external enclosure, ATAPI device, removable drive, or SATA RAID tray.
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